A blend of stand-up comedy and musical theatre, Rugby League the Musical celebrates all there is to love and hate about National Rugby League (NRL). It is the only show of its kind in Australia and has run annually in NSW for many years. The creator, director, producer, and writer of the show Denis Carnahan has been creating satirical tunes for the NRL for over a decade, with his work being used throughout the NRL industry – in particular “That’s in Queensland”, a song viewed on YouTube almost a million times and even used by Queenslanders on their own NRL show on Fox Sports.

Following the success of the show in NSW, Denis saw the opportunity to expand his audiences beyond NSW, taking Rugby League the Musical to the ACT and QLD. To do this we put together a media campaign to help drive awareness of the show amongst footy aficionados across the county, driving interest and ticket sales. We also put Denis on a musical media tour to solidify his profile in sport and entertainment.

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