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Because business can be funny.

Running a business is no joke. But GOD can it be hilarious.

Commical takes a look at the funny side of business and uncovers some nuggets of gold along the way. From weekly bite sized piss takes to monthly indepth conversations – this podcast has it all. It’s light business entertainment, not to be taken lightly.

Hosted by Chasing Albert MD and comedian – Marie El Daghl.

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Marie El Daghl

Marie has dedicated her career to helping individuals and brands communicate effectively. She originally studied journalism, but her career was cut short after she left her internship with Channel 7’s now discontinued Today Tonight in dramatic fashion! You’ll have to listen to the podcast for the dirt on that story.

She quickly found an affinity for public relations, a field she excelled in, working with small, medium and blue-chip brands across many industries. Her work involved developing communication strategies and overseeing their execution. As well as preparing and training business leaders to ensure they can compellingly tell their stories in friendly and hostile environments.

Her training, coaching and facilitation experience is diverse, and she has worked with a myriad of clients such as the French Ambassador to Australia, Mastercard, Nespresso, Sumo Salad, Paramatta Eels board, iNova pharmaceuticals, Sydney Kings, Looksmart Alterations and many more.

Marie has a Master of Arts degree majoring in Organisational Communication, Diploma in Digital Marketing and Certificate of Training and Assessment. Qualifications aside, she has a deep passion for the field of communication and takes great pride and pleasure in watching people flourish personally and professionally as they become better communicators.

She also happens to love a laugh and is now using her story telling skills in stand-up comedy.

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