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Marie El Daghl – the origin story 

I know a bit about you. Podcast research tells me we’re alone right – just you and me – in your car, on the toilet or on an exercise bike.  

Given how close we’re getting…. I wanted to share the real back story on me. 

My name is Marie El Daghl. I’m Lebanese. I’m told I don’t sound Lebanese. But what about now. Now do you fucken believe me?  

I also don’t look it. Too fair to be leb, too hairy to be Australian. My husband calls me a small yeti. I have a joke about a yeti – but it’s abominable. 

I’m 43 – and the current year is 2022 and I tell you this so you can calculate my age based on when you listen to this. See how I always put my audience first? That’s why I’m in marketing. 

I grew up in Bankstown, which at the time was basically the ghettos of Sydney. I was effectively an undercover leb which was really confusing. Especially for the local racists. At home I was raised in a truly conservative leb environment, in the wild, I was treated like I had choices and the freedom to dream. 

I went to primary school in the area, high school in the area and went to the uni of choice for the area – university of western Sydney. Which I dropped out of to do a Diploma in journalism at a private college which my parents basically stopped eating in order to pay for. I also hold a Master of Arts majoring in organizational communication, a diploma of digital marketing, Certificate 4 in training and assessment blah blah blah – I’m fucking qualified. Relax. 

I’ve worked in Marketing & PR for some 23 years. I own and run a marketing agency called Chasing Albert. We are a full service agency, which means we can also help clients with car repairs, home renovations and legal matters etc because as I said. I’m Lebanese. I know people. 

It was actually my childhood dream to be a stand up comedian. My mum never supported it because she believed entertainers don’t take marriage seriously. Because you know… Lebanese. Then I turned 40 and with 1 marriage, 1 divorce and 3 engagements behind me she said pfft – go – follow your dreams. 

So this podcast helps me scratch my comedy itch, explore business topics and rebel against my parents. 

Awards – I have none personally. My campaigns have – but not me, personally. Not one. Not even a nomination. I’m too old for rising star / top 20 under 20, top 40 under 40 etc but I reckon I still have enough time to go for lifetime achievement award or something posthumous.  

I actually couldn’t give two fucks. You know a lot of those awards you have to pay to get or are full of shit anyway. I don’t need them. I have enough endorsements from raving fans. 

When I’m not working… I’m in fetal position, trying not to crack under the pressure of running a business, client responsibilities, managing supplier invoices, payroll and caring for my two children and occasionally putting out for my husband. Practising mindfulness is incredibly important for my overall wellbeing and is on my to do list. 

What does this add up to? I am a serious business professional, that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. 

Now, about you.  Here I am, jammed into your earlobes, and all I have to go on is aggregate data and generic research that tells me you are traveling, cleaning your house or shitting right now. Is this true? Send me a pic I’d love to know! Truly – for research – snap a selfie as you are – come I bared my soul – show me a little you. Send it to me on insta or linkedin.  

My handle is Marieeldaghl on both. And of course I’ll spell it for you. It’s Marie with an ie, and el Daghl is spelt e for extra L for long, space, (not hyphen – just a space) D for difficult A for arduous G for gruelling h for huh?  and L last letter. 

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope you laughed, smiled or had a little help with your business. Don’t forget to wash your hands.  

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