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How to have tough conversations with employees in the best way possible.

In the workplace, performance management discussions and redundancies are common occurrences. And while delivering bad news can be difficult for an employer or manager, being on the receiving end of negative feedback can be even harder. However, through careful communication planning, it is possible to make the best of a tough situation.

In this episode of Commical, Marie is joined by Kris Grant, CEO of consulting, recruiting and training firm ASPL Group. Kris brings her years of experience in HR and affinity for people to the show. She provides an invaluable point of view on breaking bad news in the best way possible.

Is there a way to break bad news, well? 

There’s nothing worse than delivering bad news, badly. Kris stresses that there are many implications associated with handling difficult conversations with employees poorly. From damaging your brand, to disrupting employee engagement and potentially uprooting company culture.

So how do you break bad news, well? Careful and thoughtful communication planning is key. Kris provides proven strategies for dealing with challenging conversations in the workplace.

Kris explains that confrontation is a common fear among many. However, when delivering bad news being clear, direct and factual is imperative. For the benefit of the receiver, it’s important to put your own emotions aside, and prioritise their wellbeing.

Building upon this, Kris reveals that delivering bad news involves more than just a tough conversation. Employers and managers need to be aware of the logistical challenges associated with situations like redundancy. From privacy, to team members listening and arranging a respectful exit from the conference room, there’s a whole lot to consider.

Whether you’re familiar with delivering bad news or completely stressed out by the thought, this episode is sure to give you some great insight. Tune in and learn how to best prepare for your next difficult conversation.

About Kris Grant

Kris Grant is the CEO of consulting, recruiting and training firm ASPL group. For the past 9 years she has been responsible for overseeing the rollout of the firm’s major divisions. She has worked with organisations such as DHL, Telstra and Rio Tinto, creating real cultural change and building future-proof workplaces.

Kris began her career in finance; she studied accountancy and worked in the field for a decade. However, her affinity for people drew her to other opportunities. Kris reached C-level by the age of just 32. As CFO and COO, she led over 50,000 staff at a global talent management firm.

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