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Retail design; a brand game-changer.

If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, the communication capabilities of an entire space can only be imagined!

Retail design is a real game-changer for businesses, and can have a profound impact on customers, purchase decisions, staff and community.

Think about the last time you went to your favourite retail store. What did you love about it? Was it the atmosphere? Maybe the store layout? The colours? The people? Retail design encapsulates all this and more, making it a powerful tool for building trust and relationships.

Gain insight into retail design and how it can level up your business in this episode of Commical. Learn why purpose led design could be a great strategy for your brand from Jason Pollard, one of the leading service retail design minds in the Asia Pacific.

What is retail design and why is it important?

In this episode of Commical, Marie is joined by Jason Pollard, Co-founder and Director of Retail Strategy at Public Design Group. Specialising in service retail design, he delves into how purpose led design in retail and office environments can elevate your business and relationships.

The physical environment is more than just space. It’s an avenue for endless opportunities to connect with consumers and staff in unique and meaningful ways. This is where the power of design comes into play. In practice, it’s about building relationships, showcasing products and generating sales through authentic settings.

Gone are the days where design is simply concerned with reflecting the visual elements of a brand. Jason explains that storytelling is at the core of today’s approach. Great design integrates a brand’s purpose and values. Furthermore, it has the ability to connect with consumers and staff on an emotional level.

Jason further discusses this idea, explaining that retail design is centred around needs. It involves asking the critical question of ‘what do people really want?’ The simple answer – cute, little puppies. Well kind of, you’ll have to listen to find out what he means.

Through a range of personal experiences and real-life examples, Jason brings invaluable insight into retail design and its role in communication and relationship building. Tune into this episode and learn how your business can really bring their purpose to life through retail and office spaces.

About Jason Pollard

Jason Pollard is one of the leading service retail design minds in the Asia Pacific. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Retail Strategy of the award-winning Public Design Group.

With over 20 years of experience, Jason has worked with clients across the globe, delivering authentic and purposeful design time and time again. He started working with FutureBrand London in 1996 and came to Sydney to launch their retail studio in 2002. He started Public Design Group in 2003 with co-founder Dan Cooper.

At Public Design Group, Jason specialises in service retail design. He’s worked with a range of notable brands including Bendigo Bank, Fitness First, Subaru, Bupa, Flower Power and more. In 2020, Public Design Group received the top prize in the Permanent Service Retail category at the Shop! Global awards for their work with Bendigo Bank.

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