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A must-listen media and business interview podcast.

We all recognise the deep voice that booms ‘exclusive interview’ when we see ads for Today Tonight and A Current Affair. We know to expect another hard-hitting or heart-wrenching story that hasn’t been told before. But have you ever wondered where these stories come from, and how they’re crafted?

TV production is all about finding a good story; a piece that grabs attention and keeps audiences watching. This requires an immense amount of preparation and great instinct on what will work.

Marie speaks with Darren Ally, veteran TV producer and current 60 Minutes (Channel 9) producer, for a rare glimpse into the world of TV News and Current Affairs. 

What happens behind the scenes?

A vast amount of work goes into producing a news or current affairs story. From coming up with a good idea, to scouting talent, to securing an exclusive – the process is both lengthy and complex.

In this episode of the Commical weekly podcast, Darren delves deep into the world of tv production. He provides great insight on what happens behind the scenes; topics include the role of media relationships, what producers look for in a source, the process behind stories and how broadcast works today.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Darren has seen first-hand how production has developed and changed. With the rise of the digital age, the media landscape is changing. Current Affairs shows are no longer relying purely on TV; they are shifting to online networks. Darren discusses how programs are turning to social media platforms for flow-on views.

Darren explains step by step, how relationships influence production. He provides actionable advice on leveraging relationships to break exclusives and source talent. Darren explains the difference between good and bad talent and highlights the importance of prepping talent to capture attention and drive a narrative.

There is not a single dull day in tv production! If you’re interested in the fast-paced world of news and current affairs, this podcast is a must-listen.

About Darren Ally

Darren Ally is a veteran TV producer, and current producer for Channel 9’s 60 minutes. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years, excelling at producing television, and telling inspiring stories that have attracted mass audiences. Working in both the field and in post-production, Darren has built a distinguished reputation for his writing and TV instincts.

Darren began his career working for Seven Network on Today Tonight. He continued with the show for 18 years as a Senior Producer. Darren joined Nine Network of Public Media in 2019 as a Post Producer, before moving to 60 minutes as a Producer.

Fusing communication expertise and stand-up comedy makes for a unique take on a business podcast, and very easy listening. Commical explores a range of interpersonal, group and mass communication topics through the experiences of my talented guests.

Light in tone, heavy in value – download now from all good podcast apps or listen online now.

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Chasing the latest marketing news and points of view? We've got you sorted.
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