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How a Bankstown It Girl became an Australian It Queen.

Social media superstar, chart topping artist, Gladys Berejiklian’s hottest personal assistant – Carla from Bankstown needs no introduction. But do you know the face behind this iconic persona? And how he got there?

Introducing Ben James, the person behind the persona – Carla from Bankstown. Taking Australia by storm with his unique sense of humour and drag style, Ben has built a loyal following over the past couple of years. He has captured the hearts and imagination of Australia, and more recently the attention of National TV stations, iconic brands, and local favourites. And can you believe it all started at a local Maccas with SWAT cars?

In this episode of Commical, both Carla and Ben sit down with Chasing Albert’s very own Bankstown OG and Carla fan-girl Marie. They talk all things creativity, comedy, and collaboration. Plus, how this iconic personality is breaking down Western Sydney stereotypes and dealing with the haters along the way.

How did she do it, but?

Ben’s journey as Carla from Bankstown hasn’t just been glitz, glam and brand deals. Growing up in the Southwest of Sydney in a traditionally conservative community, Ben has faced his fair share of racism and judgement. It is his resilience and no BS attitude that has truly defined his claim to fame.

And it doesn’t end there. On the internet, Ben and Carla are no strangers to bullying and trolling. From hate comments on Carla’s accounts, to derogatory remarks on collaborator accounts – it’s full on. Ben shares his approach to dealing with trolls, and how embracing Carla’s persona has helped him through this.

Up next, is an exciting period of growth as Carla’s following continues to rise. From working with big brands like Model Co, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and V Energy Drinks, to local favourites like Kickin’Inn– she is truly making her mark! This year Carla is taking to National TV on The Australian Celebrity Apprentice and has an exciting new content series coming up.

Tune in and learn how a Southwest local went from working at JB HI FI, to becoming a much-loved Aussie personality. Plus, what’s coming up next! Carla brings her big energy, and Ben his story of growth, in this hilarious episode of Commical.

About Carla from Bankstown & Ben James

Ben James is the face behind Aussie star Carla from Bankstown. In 2013, Ben began dipping his toes in the drag world by developing the iconic drag style Carla is renowned for today. After years of crafting the character and dialling up her ‘That B*tch’ persona, Carla from Bankstown has become the foul-mouthed People’s Princess of a generation.

Carla was introduced to the world with the YouTube clip Real Housewives of Bankstown: meet Carla! Ben has since perfected Carla’s ‘doesn’t take shit’ attitude, and it it’s this stance that has inspired a legion loyal followers across Australia, including many famous faces such as ex NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Tina Arena, Julia Morris, Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O, Abby Chatfield, Michelle Bridges, Ben Fordham, Anthony Callea, Rebecca Gibney, Alfie Acuri, Alex Perry and more!

In 2022, you can look forward to seeing Carla on national TV in The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Carla will also be filming a new content series where she takes driving lessons from her new celebrity friends.

Fusing communication expertise and stand-up comedy makes for a unique take on a business podcast, and very easy listening. Commical explores a range of interpersonal, group and mass communication topics through the experiences of my talented guests.

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