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Your questions on crisis communication answered.

Covid-19; the words on everyone’s lips. With the rise of this pandemic, we’ve seen leaders worldwide dealing with the crisis in different ways. Our screens and newsfeeds have been filled with international news, detailing global response.

In China we’ve seen very quick and severe action to a downward spiral. In the US we’ve seen Trump deny the virus and cases rise. In New Zealand, we’ve seen Jacinda Ardern stop the virus. These are all completely different approaches, but they are definitive responses.

So why is that in Australia, our leaders have been slow to the action, and indecisive in strategy?

Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has come under much public scrutiny recently for his hesitant response to the pandemic. Is ScoMo killing us in slow-mo?

Australia’s communication issues during the Covid-19 crisis, have led to a lot of discussion about effective crisis management. As we navigate through this conversation, we must consider what plans global and business leaders have in place for the worst-case scenario.

Hear from a thought-leader in crisis communication, in one of the most current leadership podcasts Australia has to offer.

Public affairs and government expert, Alistair Nicholas, joins Marie for a thought-provoking discussion on crisis and leadership. Alistair breaks down the importance of crisis communication. He explains how our leaders can be better prepared in these types of situations.

Alistair is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to dealing with crisis. Bringing over 35 years of experience to the table, he explains the importance of implementing tools for crisis management. Covid-19 has shown us that our leaders need to strategise and plan for even the most unexpected circumstances. Tough conversations about our worst nightmares are key to being prepared.

In times of uncertainty, it’s only normal for us to be looking to our leaders for answers. Alistair reveals the importance of clear communication. He provides an interesting perspective on how our Prime Minister and Premiers have been both failing and succeeding at this. From changing the rules for business owners to inconsistencies with the national lockdown – crisis communication has proven to be no easy task for leaders.

About Alistair Nicholas

Alistair Nicholas is one of Australia’s best public affairs and government experts. He has over 35 years of experience in government and corporate affairs, covering Australia, North America, China, Asia and the Pacific. This includes 20 years in senior advisory roles at Edelman and Weber Shandwick/Powell Tate.

Alistair’s early career included policy research and journalism, international trade policy, diplomacy and providing political advice to Australia’s Federal Coalition.

He has worked for a wide range of reputable companies and organisations, including Global Fortune 500 companies, sovereign wealth funds, Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, national government, embassies, multilateral institutions, small and medium-sized companies and non-government organisations.

Today, Alistair runs his own successful consultancy business. His work includes government relations, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, public relations, media relations, and issues and crisis management.

Fusing communication expertise and stand-up comedy makes for a unique take on a business podcast, and very easy listening. Commical explores a range of interpersonal, group and mass communication topics through the experiences of my talented guests.

Light in tone, heavy in value – download now from all good podcast apps or listen online now.

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