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The potential of multicultural communications.

Australia’s population has recently hit 25 million, due in no small part to immigration. About 1 in 4 Australia residents were born overseas, and a large proportion has originated from non-speaking backgrounds.

Australia has an amazing cultural landscape. Yet, many marketing communications fail to accommodate diversity.

Multicultural communications is a fusion of communication strategy and translation services. It aims to drive effective communication across cultures.

Tune in to gain insight from Adrienne Meakin, who is among Australia’s most respected business leaders in multicultural communications. This is one of the best communication podcast episodes on strategy for diverse groups.

Why is multicultural communications important? 

In this episode of Commical, Marie speaks with Adrienne Meakin, Managing Director of LOTE Agency. She is passionate about connecting with diverse communities and lays down the reasons why this branch of communication is important.

Adrienne highlights how cultural factors impact how we receive and understand messages. Much information that we may consider ‘basic’ is, in fact, easy to misinterpret. We often take areas such as food and banking for granted. We are unaware that in some cultures, these topics can be complicated. 

Multicultural communications is commonly associated with major governments and corporations. However, this topic is something all businesses should give thought to. We connect with others through communication, so we need to share information in a way that is easy to absorb. Diverse groups form a large part of the market, and it is important to reach them.

Adrienne also explains why doing this is not just good for business, but good for society in general. From a moral and ethical perspective, it is important for marketing communications to promote inclusion. All groups deserve access to information.

With Australia being such a diverse society – surely, we are missing a trick.

About Adrienne Meakin

Adrienne is the Managing Director of LOTE Agency, based in Melbourne. Responsible for the leadership and performance of LOTE, Adrienne is passionate about bringing a unique perspective to the communications space.

She believes that breaking down barriers and misconceptions about communicating with diverse audiences is important in the modern landscape.

Since 1999, LOTE Marketing has been assisting organisations across Australia with multicultural communication. LOTE has helped the private and public sector connect with core constituents from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The LOTE philosophy is that effective multicultural communication is not just about translating the literal word. It’s about conveying the message.

In addition to specialised staff, LOT has in-house audio production and desktop publishing facilities. This means they can provide efficient and effective marketing services – from basic translation to complex awareness campaigns.

Their specialities including Multicultural Marketing, Community Engagement, Marketing to Diverse Groups, Ethnic Marketing and Translation.

Fusing communication expertise and stand-up comedy makes for a unique take on a business podcast, and very easy listening. Commical explores a range of interpersonal, group and mass communication topics through the experiences of my talented guests.

Light in tone, heavy in value – download now from all good podcast apps or listen online now.

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